BESTOWS Cooperative Multi Purpose Society Limited

A business organization can take many forms. One such form is that of a cooperative society. Such societies have unique features of joint ownership and democratic leadership. Let us take a brief look at their features and some types of societies.

Bestow Cooperative Multi purpose Society , Rohtak has been registered since 12 – Dec,  2023,  and registration no. 2023121100031995. 


Become a part of BESTOWS and attain the financial support.


We offers various schemes to make your money more.


Our society provides effective readdress to complains.


Our society follow all the rules and regulations prescribed in.

We care about your money and safety.

About Us

Our Mission

We are focused on building and sustaining long-term generational relationships with our Members

Our Vision

Bestowscms Co-operative will serve all over the India and becomes the most popular Cooperative Society in this country.

Our Goal

Bestowscms cooperative has a goal to make financially strong To our Members and also become a Leading Financial Sector in this Industry.

What Our Clients Say....

Bestows is the best team they have provide me the loan at low interest rates.


Bestows help me lot in managing my funds in a nice way.


I am happy with services provided by the Bestows team.

Ravi Teacher

Bestows team showed me best way to manage my money.


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